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Temperature sensor -  An electronic device which provides a voltage analogue of the temperature of the surface on which it is mounted. A thermistor is an example.
Termination voltage -  The maximum voltage which can be tolerated by a cell during charging without damaging the cell. The cell voltage at which the charging process should be terminated.
Thermal fuse -  A safety device which interrupts a circuit when it detects excessive temperature.
Thermal imaging -  A photographic technique which displays the range of temperatures of a warm body in the form of a colour spectrum. Used as a design verification tool for detecting hot spots in battery and other equipment designs.
Thermal management -  The means by which a battery is maintained within its operating temperature limits during charging and discharging.
Thermal runaway -  A condition in which an electrochemical cell will overheat and destroy itself through internal heat generation. This may be caused by overcharge or high current discharge and other abusive conditions.
Trickle charge -  A continuous charge at low rate, balancing losses through local action and/or periodic discharge, to maintain a cell or battery in a fully charged condition. Normally at a C/20 to C/30 rate.

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