Stairs and batteries are often a difficult mix. Our various platform lifts, dollies, lift gates, trailers, forklifts and personnel allow us to remove battery strings out of those hard to reach areas. Do you have an office building with tiled or carpeted floors? We can provide either carts or Masonite for protection. We have been on top of mountains, and been brought in by Snow Cat – we know challenging.

Battery Recycling

Classified as Hazardous Material by the US Environmental Protection Agency, lead-acid & nickel-cadmium batteries require proper disposal. Fortunately, the typical flooded battery is 99% recyclable. Although VRLA & NiCad cells are not as reusable, they can be substantially reclaimed with the remainder safely disposed. APS will palletize and transport your spent batteries to our approved reclamation facility. All disposals will be in accordance with federal, state & local regulations. If needed, APS can provide a death certificate or a Certificate of Recycling.

Battery Removal and Recycling

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