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APS was subcontracted by Sturgeon Electric to install multiple 480VDC flooded battery strings on Buckley Air Force Base (BAFB), in Aurora, CO. Overall, this was a $141M project requiring the construction of approximately 200,000 Square Foot Operations Controlled Access Facility. This was a high profile project ran by the United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) that involved top secret security and anti-terrorism measures. The Mountain View Facility will serve as a data center that will house both aero and cyber space industries.

Applied Power Services Scope of Work on the Mountain View Project Included:

Flooded Battery Rack Construction – Many battery racks were constructed. This included the torque sealing of thousands of bolt assemblies. All rack anchoring followed International Seismic Application Technology (ISAT) seismic requirements.

Flooded Battery Installation – Multiple strings were installed. This included 125VDC flooded strings in substations and chiller plant along with 480VDC battery strings in UPS battery rooms. Work included the strapping of all batteries in series connections. Strings were kept at less than 100VDC for safety purposes until final connections were called for.

Disconnect and Wiring – APS landed all battery conductors running from each battery disconnect onto +/- battery posts. Wiring also including a center break tap with up to (6) 444DLO conductors used per polarity.

Safety Practices – All tools were calibrated on a yearly basis, as was the 1-ton battery hoist and frame. Technicians making final connections were outfitted in 25CAL, arc-flash resistant, suits. Employees were trained in numerous aspects regarding project specific courses that included: certified rigger, forklift and pallet jack, arc-flash, and site safety orientation. Additionally, all workers passed a drug and background check.

Project Documentation – APS personnel were responsible for keeping up-to-date progress reports with the customer. This included providing all product specification sheets MSDS’s, and daily contractor reports.

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