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Capacity -  The electric energy content of a battery expressed in “Watt hours”. Batteries with the same output voltage also use “Ampere hours” for comparing capacities.
CCA – Cold Cranking Amperes -  A measure used to specify the cold cranking capability of automotive SLI batteries. For Lead Acid batteries it is the constant current a battery can deliver during a continuous discharge over a period of 30 seconds at -18°C without the terminal voltage dropping below a minimum of 1.2 Volts/cell.
Cell -  A closed electrochemical power source. The minimum unit of a battery.
Cell chemistry -  The active materials used in the energy cell.
Cell reversal -  A condition which may occur multi cell series chains in which an over discharge of the battery can cause one or more cells to become completely discharged. The subsequent volt drop across the discharged cell effectively reverses its normal polarity.
Charge -  The process of replenishing or replacing the electrical charge in a rechargeable cell or battery.
Charge rate -  The current at which a cell or battery is charged. Generally expressed as a function of rated capacity C.
Conductance -  Strictly speaking the Conductance applies to resistive circuits and is the reciprocal of the Resistance. Battery manufacturers have their own definition which applies to the frequency dependent elements of the circuit, that is – C=I/E where C is the conductance, I is the test current applied to a component (the cell) and E is the in phase component of the ac voltage E producing it.(Compare with Ohm’s Law R=E/I) Measuring the conductance of a battery gives a good indication of its state of health.
Constant current charge CC -  A charging scheme which maintains the current through the cell at a constant value.
Constant voltage charge CV -  A charging scheme which maintains the voltage across the battery terminals at a constant value.
Current limit -  The maximum current drain under which the particular battery will perform adequately under a continuous drain.
Cut-off voltage -  The specified voltage at which the discharge of a cell is considered complete. See also End voltage and Termination voltage
Cycle -  A single charge and discharge of a battery.
Cycle life -  The number of cycles a battery can perform before its nominal capacity falls below 80% of its initial rated capacity. See also Float life below.

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