Based near Denver, CO APS is committed to providing outstanding support for DC-based power applications. Although our work in based primarily in the Rocky Mountain Region, we have completed many battery installations, battery removals, maintenance and service projects throughout the United States. We are as comfortable working with small start-up companies as we are with large corporations. Many times our customers comment that we were so efficient that they hardly even noticed we were there. That is a very good thing. Because, the one thing about a battery is that they are always on, and in our line of work, that equates to always performing hot work due to the systems constant source of energy.

In general, we are a versatile company that offers a wide range of services that range from battery installations and removals to construction of entire data rooms from the ground up. We have the resources to provide installs and service for hundreds of DC products on a multitude of platforms. Our company is backed by an experienced staff of professionals that will carefully listen to your concerns regarding costs and timelines and then deliver results.

In this business our word is our bond, if we say we can take on a project, it will be done.

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