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AC Inverter -  An electrical circuit which generates a sine-wave output (regulated and without breaks) using the DC current supplied by the rectifier-charger or the battery. The primary elements of the inverter are the DC/AC converter, a regulation system and an output filter.
Acid -  A proton donor. A compound containing hydrogen which dissociates in aqueous solution producing positively charged hydrogen ions (H+). An acidic solution has a pH less than 7.0
Alkaline battery -  A battery which uses an aqueous alkaline solution for its electrolyte.
Ambient temperature -  The average temperature surrounding the battery, typically
Ampere (Amp) -  The unit of current flow equal to one coulomb per second.
Ampere hours (Ah) -  The unit of measure used for comparing the capacity or energy content of a batteries with the same output voltage. For automotive (Lead Acid) batteries the SAE defines the Amphour capacity as the current delivered for a period of 20 hours until the cell voltage drops to 1.75 V.

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