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Contract Number: DTFAAC-11-D-00003 – Base year with 4 option years – Awarded in 2011

APS competitively bids supply and replacement of battery strings at FAA’s General National Air Space (GNAS) facilities located in the Continental United States, Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and Guam against two other contractors: Maetec Power – Fairport, NY; and First Logistex – Peyton, CO. There are approximately 2,200 GNAS facilities, with 13 or more batteries per string, using a variety of battery types, with differing physical characteristics, providing backup power to General National Airspace System (GNAS) electronic equipment. The projected life expectancy of these batteries is 4-years; necessitating a continuous replacement effort, using reliable battery supply sources.

The terms of this contract are twofold. One, is to procure/deliver batteries, and battery monitor systems for the FAA-preferred installation contractor Chickasaw Nation Industries (CNIAV). This work also includes the outsourcing of technicians from both Alber and Eaton Corporations to calibrate and commission both the battery and UPS systems.

The second part of this contract involves installation services for batteries and battery monitor systems. APS is providing resources to provide six different battery types; shipping services for those batteries; battery recycle/disposal services, and installation services. The battery systems (24VDC, 36VDC, 48VDC, 384VDC, and 480VDC) involve installation of several manufacturers including: C&D Technologies (VLA); Deke/East Penn (VRLA); GNB (VRLA); and Northstar (VRLA). The battery monitor systems include the installation, commissioning and training of FAA technicians on the Alber BDS-40.

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