APS is committed to providing outstanding support for many DC power applications. We have a full complement of testing equipment,machinery, tools and inventory to service our customers needs.

Service Area:

Test Equipment

Alber Cell Corders, MidTronics, Alber BCT 2000 & 900 AMP Load Bank (24VDC to 125VDC, with monitoring of up to 256 cells), Canon 48VDC Load Bank, Digital Hydrometer, Current Clamps, Fluke Meters

Tools and Equipment

Cable pullers, heavy-duty pulling grips, wire reel carts, jack stands, pallet jacks, cutting blades, drill bits, hydraulic knock out sets, fish tapes, wire strippers, hydraulic press, impact wrench, utility lighting, portable generators, ladders, scaffolds, drill press, cordless drills, torque wrenches, insulated wrenches, Kubota, Cat forklift, (3) trailers, Dodge 5500 flatbed, pipe benders, surveyors wheel, portable band saws, cordless dremels, shop vacs, A-frame, platform lifts (up to 1,000 lbs.), complete spill containment systems including battery waste disposal drums, battery maintenance safety blankets, battery watering cart


750 kcmil down to #12 wire. lugs (two-hole and one-hole with a variety of spacing), metal-tech parts, ladder racking, conduit, ground rods, unistrut, relay racks, ups cables, h-taps, firestop products, bus bar, shrink wrap, electrical tape, battery mats, rectifiers, power plants, chargers, battery acid pillows, battery post and connector covers, wedge anchors, drop-in anchors, zinc and stainless steel bolt assemblies in a variety of sizes, eye wash, epoxy protective floor coatings, breakers, disconnects, shunts, battery chargers, temporary battery strings

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