FREE Battery Application Inspection Service

Battery Installation

Whether you need an 8-hour backup or a 15-minute backup for a UPS application, Applied Power Services can ensure that you will get the right battery for the job, installed by the right company for the job. We install batteries of almost every major player in the battery manufacturing field including several varieties such as UPS, Telco, Utility, and Solar.

Battery Maintenance

APS field service staff has the skills necessary to inspect and maintain your battery system. Based on IEEE battery capacity testing standards we perform internal resistance testing to base our evaluation of your string. If you desire around-the-clock monitoring of your critical systems, we can install battery monitors. We also provide capacity or load testing services.

DC Power and Engineering

Take the worry out of your next project and get APS involved in the engineering (ie. voltage drops, wire sizes, ampacities, DC breakers, battery backup), installation, and maintenance of your critical network communication systems. Use our expertise and experience to help build your telecommunications infrastructure so that it's constructed to meet current and future requirements.

Battery Removal & Recycling

Our various platform lifts, dollies, lift gates, trailers, forklifts and personnel allow us to remove battery strings out of those hard to reach areas. APS will palletize and transport your spent batteries to our approved reclamation facility. All disposals will be in accordance with federal, state & local regulations. If needed, APS can provide a death certificate or a Certificate of Recycling.

Applied Power Services

Headquartered in Denver, Colorado, Applied Power Services, LLC is a service-based DC power company that has helped deliver reliable, uninterrupted battery backup power, redundant power, and critical power needs over the last decade throughout the Rocky Mountain region. We offer a wide range of DC power applications: data room construction and DC Plant installation; battery installation and certification; battery removal; certified disposal; battery discharge testing; maintenance programs; and complete battery spill containment systems.

Applied Power Services is trained and authorized to install a wide variety of power products. Our highly skilled, experienced and trained project managers and technicians support multi-vendor products in a combined team effort. We are not a distributor, nor do we represent any manufacturer, we always have the customers needs in mind.

Our commitment to quality is second only to our commitment to safety


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