3 performance factors you must consider when sizing batteries

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Sizing batteries correctly Batteries need to be sized correctly to be able to feed the required load for the required time, and a number of factors need to be decided to be able to optimize the battery for the duty expected. Some of these factors are fixed within the chemistry of each type of cell… Read more »

Buckley AFB, Mountain View Project

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APS was subcontracted by Sturgeon Electric to install multiple 480VDC flooded battery strings on Buckley Air Force Base (BAFB), in Aurora, CO. Overall, this was a $141M project requiring the construction of approximately 200,000 Square Foot Operations Controlled Access Facility. This was a high profile project ran by the United States Army Corps of Engineers… Read more »

Century Electric / Level 3 PR6 Data Room Buildout

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APS was involved with this fast track, large (over 50,000 sq. ft), data room buildout from the ground up. A unistrut grid was built underneath the raised floor in order to support the massive amount of equipment (relay rack, batteries, cable, ladder rack, and aux bar) that was installed above. Each rack was supported with… Read more »

FAA – GNAS Battery Replacement

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Contract Number: DTFAAC-11-D-00003 – Base year with 4 option years – Awarded in 2011 APS competitively bids supply and replacement of battery strings at FAA’s General National Air Space (GNAS) facilities located in the Continental United States, Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and Guam against two other contractors: Maetec Power – Fairport, NY; and First Logistex… Read more »

Battery Testing at Fort Peck Power Plant, Fort Peck, MT

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Contract Number: W9128F-16-M-005 On 21 September 2016 APS was awarded the Station Service Battery Capacity Testing project at Fort Peck, MT by the United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE). In October APS personnel traveled to Fort Peck to perform testing on (3) 125VDC station battery strings. All strings tested were manufactured by C&D Technologies:… Read more »