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Contract Number: W9128F-16-M-005

On 21 September 2016 APS was awarded the Station Service Battery Capacity Testing project at Fort Peck, MT by the United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE). In October APS personnel traveled to Fort Peck to perform testing on (3) 125VDC station battery strings. All strings tested were manufactured by C&D Technologies: LCR-19; LCR-17; and XT4J-9

Prior to arrival Ft. Peck personnel put the battery strings on a 72-hour equalize charge and then floated the batteries for 72-hours. APS was also tasked with providing a 125VDC temporary battery string during capacity testing. Testing equipment included using an Alber Cell Corder, digital hydrometer, and our Alber BCT 2000 for the load tests. A battery assessment report and associated documentation were then sent to Fort Peck personnel 10 days after testing was complete.

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