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Project Name:
Buckley Remote Terminal Fac. Recap. Design for the Mechanical and Electrical Systems in Building 1201

Buckley AFB – Aurora, CO

Project Description:
Applied Power Services was hired in January 2014 as a subcontractor for the UPS battery removal, and the installation of (3), 480VDC, flooded battery strings.

Project highlights included:

  • Battery Removal – Almost 200 flooded battery jars were removed.
  • Battery Recycling – Each battery was processed and delivered via OSHA regulated standards to a certified recycler.
  • Battery Rack Construction – (3) rows of battery rack were installed. This included the seismic anchoring for numerous wedge anchors to provide rack stability.
  • Flooded Battery Installation – Close to 200 flooded batteries were placed into the racks using a variety of hydraulic lifts and pallet jacks for ease of installation.
  • 480VDC Series Connections – All inner-cell connections were cleaned and greased with no-ox (anti-corrosion agent). These connections were all then bolted, tightened, and torqued to place the batteries into a series circuit.
  • Safety Procedures – All final connections were performed using a 12CAL arc-flash suit. During flooded battery installation, acid-proof aprons and face shield were used. APS workers carry with them fire-rated suits, hard hats, safety goggles, steel-toe boots, and cut-resistant gloves.

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